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How important are probiotics when you are pregnant?

The basis of all life is bacteria. Nothing lives without it and nothing will survive if it doesn’t have a full complement of essential bacteria. So when you are pregnant, it is essential for the expecting mother to have a good immune system with a full complement of bacteria—probiotics.

In the womb, the baby’s gut has no bacteria and no immune system—it relies totally on the mother’s good bacteria. The newborn baby is introduced to its own bacteria in the birth canal and the quality of the bacteria it receives can only be as good as what is in the mother’s gut. This includes the immune system, of which 80% is in the gut.

Therefore, if the mother has compromised probiotics, then so too will the baby. One can then ask the question: Could the rise in children’s diseases and illnesses be associated with compromised probiotics? Of course it is.

“Could the rise in children’s diseases and illnesses be associated with compromised probiotics?”

We know that antibiotics kill good bacteria and we know that after a course of antibiotics there is a far higher risk of becoming ill, and there are many other examples, so it stands to reason that compromised probiotics is a leading cause of illness.

It is also important to realise that if a newborn baby gets its life support and immune system from the birth canal and it is then enhanced by breast milk, a caesarean birth bypasses the birth canal. So in these cases, it is extremely important for the mother to have lots of good probiotics in her breast milk.

We believe healthy pregnant mothers have healthy babies.