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A Guide to Rituals: How to Implement Them

Created by Laetitia Andrac

Rituals are a daily practice and a key part of everyday life. Forming a ritual within your day (whether it is one or ten) can be so powerful for your growth and development. Rituals can be as simple as breathwork while making your morning coffee every day or it can be an hour spiritual session you have with just yourself.

The most important thing you need to remember is, with a ritual, it needs to fit perfectly into your life so you continue to practice each and every day.

What are rituals?

A ritual is a powerful and beautiful habit implemented into your life. As The Health Sessions describes it, that “Unlike routine behaviours such as brushing your teeth, rituals are meaningful acts you do with intent.”

When you implement a ritual into your day, it is all about choosing rituals that work to put your values into practice. These rituals are designed into your life to make you feel joy, which of course can improve your overall wellbeing.

What you need to remember is a ritual is all about bringing awareness and intention to the most mundane acts you do in your life. While you might shower every day, doing chanting in the shower can be a ritual.

Write down one thing you do every day and think about how you can add some awareness to this each day.

Why do we need rituals?

The beauty in a ritual can spark amazing and beautiful change in your life through the power of energy. What is important to remember is, the ritual needs to be one you will continue to do daily and will enjoy.

A ritual can have cause great shifts in your life and can also work to:

  1. Allow you to action based on your values
  2. Help create structure and stability in your life (without feeling held down by a routine)
  3. Empower change in your life (through inspired action)
  4. Allow you to form a beautiful spiritual connection with yourself

Rituals can be easily implemented into your life by choosing the right ones for you and by following the recipe for success, which is outlined in a previous written piece.

What types of rituals can you implement into your life?

Rituals are a beautiful practice determined by you and should be made specifically based on what you enjoy. But, when you are looking to create rituals you will be consistent with, it is always important to have inspiration.

Here are some divine rituals you can start implementing into your day.

  1. Breathwork: the perfect formula for a fresh start and works to balance the brain in order to cultivate compassion and come to a state of being present. Breathwork is a simple, yet very effective ritual. Taking as little as 1 minute each day on breathwork can have incredible benefits and is the perfect addition to your morning rituals.
  2. Meditation: works to set the psychological and emotional tone for your day, and helps to prevent reactivity, stress, anxiety and overwhelm from hijacking your vibe. Making meditation part of your morning and evening allows you to be put into a state of self-awareness in order to set intentions for the day or unwind and reflect.
  3. Gratitude: a beautiful practice that allows you to remind yourself of the important things in life to stay grounded. Listing down what you are grateful for each day helps cultivate joy and happiness, while also being a reminder of what really matters.
  4. Journaling: as you have so many thoughts every day, journaling is a divine way of capturing some of those thoughts for action (or just to clear the energy of those thoughts). Journaling can work in some very powerful ways, it can work to make you feel better, create results, to become conscious, to set intentions, to manifest or to remove negative energy.
  5. High vibes: including a high vibe ritual into your day allows for positive energy to move throughout your body and helps you to “fill up your cup”. These activities depend on your interests and can range from exercise and reading to more spiritual practices like yoga and oracle card pulling.

Take inspired action. Think about a ritual practice you want to implement into your life and start holding yourself accountable! Of course, if you need more guidance on this, you can download my free There Is Something Good In Everyday Daily Rituals Guide.

To conclude

Before implementing rituals into your life, you must understand how important they are and how you can set yourself up for success. Setting intentions with your rituals is also key to getting the most out of your daily practice. Then of course it is about choosing the ones that work for you!

Breathwork, meditation, journaling, gratitude and high vibe activities are beautiful rituals to add into your day and when utilised consistently can have beautiful benefits in your life.

Our free Daily Rituals Guide and Daily Planner will help you start taking consistent actions towards your biggest goals, while taking care of yourself and practising gratitude. Make sure you download it for FREE here.


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Laetitia is a holistic business coach and a ‘soul doula’. She helps women leaders and entrepreneurs in creating a soul aligned business, career and life. She believes that what you think (in your head/mind), what you feel and are passionate about (in your heart/soul), and what you are creating (with your hand and will) are deeply connected, hence the logo of her business Essential shift with the three circles, which represent these three elements.

Laetitia is making ancient spiritual wisdom accessible for busy modern-day women. She has a solid grounding in mindfulness (started meditation at 5 years of age) and spirituality (lineage of healers), along with an authentic ‘say it as it is’ approach and impressive business savvy and strategic background. She incorporates her 12+ years in business and leadership to guide women to create soul and business alchemy. Her passion is to bring a sense of the sacred and intentionality to everyday life. She is a mother of two girls and lives in Bondi Beach. She is attempting to practice what she teaches, coaches and mentors: creating a life that is aligned and sustainable.

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