Breath Under the Stars ✨

Created by Whitney Geoghegan

Imagine this…

You have gone a little off grid, put your phone on flight mode and disconnected from the outside world for a moment.

Let go of the to do lists – the stress and the worry and allowed yourself to be immersed in the present moment and in nature.

Fill your tent with cosy blankets to keep you warm.

We start the evening by moving into a beautiful breathwork ceremony, dropping into the body and heart.

Before entering into a deep meditative state with a sound bath healing.

All while lying underneath the night sky and the stars shining bright.

We cook and eat together. Connecting back to the beautiful food on our plate. Our every sense coming alive as we nourish our bodies. With homemade pizzas, root veggies cooked in the fire, homemade, warming meals that feel like an internal hug when you eat them.

There is a big bonfire burning bright where you can toast your marshmallows, sit and be mesmerised as you watch the flames.

Our night just happens to land on a full moon so its it the perfect time to release your doubts and all that is holding you back with a letter burning ceremony.

We have deep soulful conversations, connect with each other, sharing our life stories, cultivating new connections and friendships.

We drift off to sleep with a full heart overflowing with love and gratitude.

Waking in the morning to the sun rise before we move into another activating breathwork and meditation session.

Moving the body through a gentle yoga flow before gathering once again for a morning breakfast.

Before its time to pack up and depart, leaving with a deeper sense of connection back to yourself, your heart, your body, your true essence and the simplicities of life.

Breathwork session x 2
Sound Bath Healing
Dinner & Breakfast
Yoga Session
Letter Burning Ceremony

Air Mattress
Warm Clothes / Active Wear or clothes you can move in
Yoga Mat
Water Bottle
Open Heart

Probiotic Foods HQ
Willow Vale, Gold Coast

Saturday 13th 4PM – Sunday 14th August 10AM
Under the magic of the full moon 🌕




Whitney is a completely multifaceted soul, who loves to rebel against societies rules, embrace her freedom and follow her wild dreams.

She is a Muay Thai loving, Ice cream eating humanitarian who holds a fire in her heart that drives her life work of helping guide others on their journey towards self-love and self-empowerment.

Whitney’s purpose of helping other women has stemmed from her own lived experiences and journey with eating disorders, body image issues, depression, domestic violence and the loss of her father as a child.

In her own search for personal transformation and healing she utilised multiple alternative therapies but found nothing as profound or powerful as breathwork.

Whitney’s, primary focus is helping support the healing of women through online mentoring and the medicine of Frequency Specific Breathwork.

This is an ancient and extremely powerful breathwork practice that combines colour, sound + breath to assist the body in releasing trapped emotions, recalibration of the nervous system, cellular + ancestral healing and accessing higher states of consciousness.

Whitney has had the honor of working with over five hundred women through hosting Retreats, Facilitating self-love Workshops, Holding Women’s Circles, Hosting Online workshops, Facilitating Online and In person Breathwork.

She is confident in her mission to continue creating a ripple effect around the world so that women everywhere no matter what age, have the opportunity to love, accept and embrace all of who they are and live a life of their desires.