Eat Mindfully

Eating Mindfully

Eat mindfully this month and nourish yourself with good wholesome recipes that the family will love! Why not try eating Organic for the month of May! Research shows that after consuming at least an 80% organic food diet for just one week, reduced the pesticide levels in urine by nearly 90%. Organophosphate (OP) pesticides are commonly used in conventional farming and are associated with adverse health effects. If that’s not a reason to make the switch to organic then we are not sure what is!
If you truly desire to be really healthy you can’t risk adding pesticides and toxins to your body through the foods you eat. You can’t expect your body to continually absorb these and clean up the mess and operate at its best.
Several studies have linked exposure to pesticides with negative health effects with the scary note that children and expectant mothers are at a much greater risk.

Is organic better for you?
With more than 60% of Australians shopping organic foods on occasion, it’s a rising trend that consumers are demanding more. The benefits can be enormous, as the practice of organic farming is not only better for you but for the environment and community.

  1. Benefits to you—research indicates organic food does have up to 25% increased nutritional value. Following an organic diet for just 6 days can reduce the level of toxins in your body by 60%, with some toxin levels falling as much as 95%.*
  2. Environmental benefits—working within the bounds of the natural sequences of the environment, organic farming must account for land restoration, re-vegetation and supporting natural systems, where waste does not exist, but revolves through the system to complete the cycle.
  3. Community benefits—organic practices create a circular economy to assist building a cleaner and greater sustainable environment for the future generations.

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