Green Is Gold

Created by Veronica Holec

Green foods cultivate healing! They’re full of antioxidants that protect the body from environmental pollutant and help the immune system fight against bacteria and viruses, keeping illness at bay.

One of the best ways to incorporate greens into your daily diet this summer is through smoothie bowls. Fresh greens are also an ideal additive to any smoothie bowl but if you want to really intensify the nutritional content one cannot go past the benefits of green barley grass. It is one of the finest natural blood builders, full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes & amino acids. Green barley grass also has an impressive antioxidant content, protecting against radical scavengers that help prevent a wide array of chronic diseases caused by oxidative stress. Regular consumption also provides the required nutrition which is necessary for balancing the optimal production of healthy immune cells in the body. This contributes to a strong immune system vigilantly fights infections and prevents the development of chronic inflammatory diseases. Green barley grass is also known to stimulate the regeneration of cells thus reducing the signs of ageing. Vital components such as chlorophyll have a renewing effect on the body reducing the signs of ageing by rejuvenating cells, helping to maintain healthy and youthful skin.

This monster bowl is vegan, gluten, wheat, dairy, and refined sugar free!

½ cup packed fresh leafy greens (spinach/silver beet/kale leaves with stems removed)
½ cup unsweetened plant-based milk of choice
2 frozen bananas
1/4 avocado
1 tsp raw nut butter
1 fresh Medjool date
2 tsp Probiotic foods green barley grass powder

1/8 tsp or your recommended dose of your favourite Probiotic Foods

Your choice of toppings: fresh sliced fruit, frozen berries, shredded/flaked coconut, raw chopped nuts, seeds, extra nut butter, coconut yoghurt, edible flowers for beautification

Pack the blender full of all the above magical ingredients aside from the toppings and blend until smooth. Pour into bowl and top with your favourite goodies

Nutritionally Yours,



Veronica Holec is a Nutritionist and owner of cheeky vegan food business ‘Girls With Balls’. Having worked in Canada for 2 years practicing as a Nutritionist in addition to working as a vegan cook in Vancouvers top plant based café she’s passionate about helping people find a healthy balance through good food. Living in Canada and experiencing its vast vegan culture got her interested in plant-based eating which then spurred her to start her own food-based business here in Australia. She now delivers a vast array of healthy handmade treats such as bliss balls to cafes Brisbane through to Gold Coast.

Her passions aside from her job are experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. And on the off chance she can pry herself from the kitchen she enjoys walking through nature with her partner and 2 dogs, yoga, beach hang outs and reading health/recipe blogs.

Veronica Holec

Nutritionist & business owner of Girls With Balls


Instagram: @girlswithballsvh

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