Mindfulness Meditation Challenge with Bianca Sheedy

Mindfulness Meditation Challenge

Created by Bianca Sheedy

Join Bianca Sheedy (Plant based Naturopath) in a 2 week Mindfulness Meditation Challenge to help you establish a new daily routine that will support your wellbeing and mental health!

The reason Bianca created this challenge is because she knows from first hand experience how difficult it may seem to fit in a daily meditation, especially when you are tackling endless to-do lists, tight schedules and feel like there is zero time left in the day! Bianca’s intention is to help guide you back to your mind, body and soul in order to remind you that there is always a part of you that is still amongst the chaos.

The booklet (download link below) includes a daily meditation challenge template where you can tick off your daily progress, a section to write daily gratitude prompts and a whole page full of helpful resources!

Probiotic Foods have also teamed up with Bianca Sheedy to include exciting prizes for participants to go into the running to win (instructions on how to enter are in the booklet)!

Enjoy and happy meditating!

DOWNLOAD > 2 Week Mindfulness Meditation Challenge


Bianca Sheedy is a Naturopath practicing at Bondi Health and Wellness with a special interest in plant based medicine, plant based nutrition, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, and gut health. She is also a yoga teacher, meditation teacher and reiki practitioner, having years of experience delivering health and wellness talks in corporate settings for Complete Corporate Wellness.

Bianca is a giant nerd when it comes to nature, animals, books, organisation hacks on youtube videos (guilty pleasure), and mixing herbal medicine formulas or as her father calls it “potions”! Her empathic nature drives her mission to empower women to restore balance, happiness and joy in their lives by reclaiming back their health to experience lasting changes.

Bianca Sheedy
Plant Based Naturopath at Bondi Health and Wellness

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