Mindfulness of Thoughts Meditation

Created by Tiff & Pat

In this meditation, we will get to know the inner workings of our minds by bringing awareness to our thoughts.

When we practice mindfulness of our thoughts, we can begin to observe our thoughts more clearly. We can practice meeting these thoughts with a sense of curiosity and compassion, allowing for our minds to settle back into a place of quiet, calm and peace.


Meet Tiff and Pat! With 18 years of coaching and facilitation experience combined, they are both passionate about teaching holistic wellness and self-mastery. Both began their journeys in the corporate world—Pat was an accountant and Tiff was an organisational coach and consultant before realising their gifts were called to be utilised elsewhere. Today, Tiff is a women’s self-mastery coach and a yoga teacher. Pat’s a meditation teacher, breathwork facilitator and movement coach. Together, they work with people online and face-to-face to guide them in learning more about their emotions, their limiting beliefs and ultimately themselves to gain more access to their inner wisdom and power. Through this, they help their clients create physical vitality, mental clarity and emotional freedom.