Start Your Day WIth Good Vibes Only

Start Your Day with Good Vibes Only

Most of us may know the power of a simple smile, but did you know that a simple smile triggers a chemical reaction in the brain that in turn boosts your mood and lowers anxiety and stress? Similar to how a smile communicates with our mind and mood, our emotions can affect our desires and goals.
Do you find yourself stuck in a negative mindset? Stuck in a place, job, relationship, mindset that isn’t bringing positive energy to your space? Have these consistent emotions just become so familiar to your mind that they go on unnoticed and your future is just a constant reflection of what you are living?
What if you could consciously shift that negative mind set and allow your self to be free, live in the moment and wake up each day with good vibes only?
This month we want you to make the conscious effort to release the fear, release the anxiety, release the negative self-talk and just breathe in those feel good feelings. If you find your mind filling with negative talk swap out that feeling or thought for something better. For example:
Negative Vibes:

Fear > swap for trust
Exhausted > swap for energised
Worry > swap for freedom
Pain > sensation/awareness
Failure > learning
Stressed > energised
Positive language can literally change your brain. Shift those negative feelings and negative self talk and the feel good vibes will follow. Start your day with a smile and spread warmth and compassion wherever you go, you never know that one smile to a passing person very well might light up their day.