Product Reviews

Please find below a number of product reviews and testimonials to show the responses to replenishing the gut with bacteria and supplying the body with nutrients, in the form of Probiotic Foods.

Probiotic Foods (general)


“I swear by Probiotic Foods. I had dreadful problems with a parasite Blastocystis Hominis and as long as I take 1/2 tsp of Probiotic Foods every morning and night I’m sorted.”

Scott Wilson, Northbridge, NSW

“After the first taste of Probiotic Foods, my bowel habits improved straight away compared to any other probiotics I’d tried. We love it and recommend it. It works!”

Saara White Naturopath, Healthy House Coolangatta, QLD

“I love it! I take 1/2 tsp every morning. No more bloating, candida or IBS. Regular bowel movements and more energy. Woo hoo!”

Linda, Bundaberg Health Foods, QLD

“Our sales really accelerated after the gut seminar and Probiotic Foods didn’t take a lot of selling. It’s on the counter and once we talk about allergies, immune system and probiotics, customers make the link and are ready to buy. We love the info and directions on the label—it’s really clear. Just as the name suggests. Our best seller! Everyone is talking about probiotics in the media, [including] celebrities.”

Lorenzo De Viriglio, Natures Health Traralgon, VIC

“If you have read Don Chisholm’s story you will have faith that Probiotic Foods work. I know it works.”

Suzi Bath, Leongatha Health and Wholefoods, VIC

“Our customers LOVE Probiotic Foods. They keep coming back to try the whole range. We have entire families on probiotics. They get that natural bacteria from fermented food is so much better than synthetic strains.”

Emmeline Elder, Health and Harmony Wholefoods, Rockhampton, QLD

“I take Probiotic Foods for my sensitive skin. When I start getting itchy I up my dose, add in a bit more vitamin C and zinc and that seems to do the trick.”

Emmeline Elder, Health and Harmony Wholefoods, Rockhampton, QLD

“Probiotic Foods are an excellent product. Because it combines a prebiotic and probiotic it works wonders for my patients gut health.”

Liz, Naturopath, Healthy Life Canelands, Mackay, QLD

“I love Probiotic Foods. My customers and family feel calmer and more relaxed when they take them and I sleep much better.”

Lyn Shepherd, Shepos Organic Shop, Mt Tambourine, QLD

“The whole family are on Probiotic Foods and we are all seeing benefits. My daughter is feeling 100% better and I notice more energy and less bloating. I recommend it to all my customers and family.”

Corinne Sparks, Handmade Organics, Highgate Hill, QLD

“I love the Probiotics Foods range because it is real wholefoods that support digestion and works in conjunction with fresh fruit and vegetables.”

Theresa, Owner, Green Hills Organics, Richmond, NSW

“Probiotic Foods are one of our best sellers in the wellness range. We have never experienced a probiotic like this before—it’s a great seller in a wellness stack with greens and a fibre. Our customers just keep coming back for more.”

Carissa, Mass Nutrition Mackay, QLD

“You just can’t absorb nutrients from food without good gut health. My skin and digestion have improved 100% since I’ve been taking Probiotic Foods.”

Phil Smith, Mass Nutrition Townsville, QLD

“Eating clean has always been a priority for me. So Probiotic Foods is a no brainer when it comes to optimising my gut health and nutrient absorption.”

Corey Vanderheyden, Mass Nutrition Morayfield, QLD

“I have a stomach hiatus hernia and had lots of heartburn, ulcers and an operation. Probiotic Foods for Everyone keeps everything under control. I love it and recommend it.”

Shelley, Mass Nutrition Orange, NSW

“Since taking Probiotic Foods I no longer feel sluggish, bloated and heavy just ‘clean’ on the inside. The way my digestion should be.”

Charlene, Mass Nutrition Noosa, QLD

“I recommend Probiotic Foods to just about every client I see. With muscle testing I haven’t found anyone that doesn’t benefit from the addition of organic fermented vegies in Probiotic Foods to their diet. I’ve been on Probiotic Foods for 12 months now and I feel I will be on it for life. Just with everyday stress and toxicity I know my body benefits. I notice the difference when I don’t take it.”

Deb Pozingis, Energize Me Superfoods, Nutritionist and Kinesiologist

“I see Probiotic Food as integral to the care plan we design for each and every client. It’s about nourishing the body at the cellular level with cell foods. Our clients keep coming back for more.”

Sue Wilson, Bottoms Up Colonics, Mackay, QLD

“After contending with a severe case of giardia (parasite) that almost killed me when I was 19, I have had a compromised digestion ever since—often bloating, gas, constipation, gluten sensitive, dairy sensitive, skin blemishes and occasional pain in the large intestine. Making the necessary dietary changes has helped and supplementing large amounts of transdermal magnesium, MSM, iodine, natural therapies etc. it has really made a difference, however it has not solved the issues completely. Within an hour or so following my first dose of Probiotic Foods and every time I have taken it since, I can feel the area of concern in my intestine reacting, a pulsing sensation and a bit painful—must be some sort of blockage, congestion—and I believe that it is finally going to clear! Only after a few days of taking the formula both my partner and I have noticed a greater mental clarity and increase in energy. Thank you for bringing this incredible product to market!”

Alyce Harms ND SHL CSC QBT, Yandina, QLD

“My digestion is better, more regular and overall makes me feel so much better with more energy.”

Kevin, Gold Coast, QLD

“Ever since taking probiotics two years ago, I have not come down with any seasonal flus or viruses, and as a business owner with a busy lifestyle, my health is my best asset. Not only have I felt healthier, Probiotic Foods has worked wonders for my pets too.”

Joseph, Gold Coast, QLD


Probiotic Foods for Pets


“All six of our pets are having profound changes with Probiotic Foods for Pets. They have regained weight (or lost it!), healthier coats, stools and temperament. Amazing results in two months!”

Michelle, McLachlan’s In Home Pet Care, Ormeau Hills, QLD

“Our cattle dog Kouta has a history of hip and knee problems. We started him on Probiotics for Pets for general health and wellbeing, but we found that not only did he gain a new level of energy, but his knees and hip soreness seemed to go away. He can now jump on and off the lounge and bed (naughty!), run up and down stairs with much more ease without wincing from pain. Thank you so much!

Dorratt Family, Gold Coast, QLD


Probiotic Foods for the Gluten & Fructose Intolerant


“I tried the Gluten and Fructose Intolerant Probiotic Foods as I was aware that I have food intolerances. December was a crazy, busy month for me so I was delighted to have a noticeable increase in energy and glowing skin.”

Sonya Todd-Jones, Owner, Mojo Health, Charlestown, NSW