Probiotic Foods for Everyone

A range of probiotic foods for the entire family, including the family pet.

Probiotics at last have been recognised as being essential for good health and wellbeing especially in Australia. As more and more supplements come onto the Australian market every week, the choice of what to choose becomes ever more difficult. Especially when one looks at the variety of probiotics and food combinations that are now available. This is where we, at Probiotic Foods, come to the rescue with a complete package, even though everyone has different needs. Our range has specialty products for everybody, and all with probiotics, prebiotics, and a variety of specially selected organic foods that have been broken down by a special process to make the foods more readily available.

What difference does this make?

Because the foods are all broken down they are more easily absorbed, which means there is far greater chance of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals getting to your cells. If your food is absorbed then your body can restore. Without this happening it is impossible to be healthy. And to show just how well this happens with Probiotic Foods, we advise first time users start with only 1/8th of a teaspoon until your body has adjusted to receiving nutrition at this level.

Take a look at our range.

See which probiotic foods is best for you. Made in Australia with food based probiotics and Certified Organic for your guarantee of quality. Our range includes: Probiotic Foods for Everyone; Probiotic Foods for Women; Probiotic Foods for Gluten & Fructose Intolerant; Fermented Hemp+, Probiotic Foods for Kids; Probiotic Herbs for Sleeping; Fermented Liquid Range; and last but not least, Probiotic Foods for the Family Pet.

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Why Probiotic Foods?

What We Believe

“We are not what we eat, but what we absorb.” Don Chisholm

Good diet is not enough because if it was, there would be far less disease than there is today.
Every day we see people’s lives change when their bodies start to absorb nutrients from fermented or pre-digested foods.
Our quest is to educate and supply foods that support nutritional needs.


Which Product is Right For Me?

Not sure where to start?

We offer a broad and exciting range of products and realise it can be confusing knowing where to start or what the right product is for you. No worries! we have created a five step quiz to help you find your perfect match.