Our Story

We believe health is our birthright, and that foods should not just be nourishing, but should supply the nutrients, vitamins and the goodness they were designed for. This can only happen if the foods we eat are uncontaminated, unprocessed and are in a state we can absorb. Only nature has the real formulas for creating health.

Man has proven that interfering with nature has created more disease, obesity and dysfunction than ever before in human history. We believe that food should be created and presented with love and positive intent, so the end user receives a product containing this positive, energetic, imprint.

We are more than just what is on the label.

Our Probiotic Foods are so absorbable that even as little as 1/8th of a teaspoon will supply more goodness than volumes of supplements that are just foods packed in colourful containers. Please enjoy our Probiotic Foods range with the knowledge that our belief is to supply quality, organic absorbable foods that will make a difference to the user.


Thank you
from the Probiotic Foods Team.