Don Chisholm
Don Chisholm
‘The Gut Man’

Probiotic Foods Founder
Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

Do you have the guts to be really healthy?

Being told at age fifty my life expectancy was as little as 6 weeks, I set out to discover why some people heal and others don’t. Over the years it has become clear that what we have been led to believe is not always the truth, especially when it comes to comments such as “We are our genes.” The truth is, that from a health point of view, genes only play a part in 8% of our outcome. I had a history of strong genes, but that had little effect on preventing my conditions.

What I do know now is that healing is easier to accomplish than most people realise. It then seemed I was spending my life repeating myself so I the wrote the book, Have You Got The Guts To Be Really Healthy. It was written from my notes as I learnt it, not as I know today. So the reader will be introduced to the information at the same rate I was, making it simple and understandable.

From over 25 years of research and observations I have learnt that these days everyone has a condition they would prefer not to have—and like myself all those years ago—have created ways for others not to know how just how unwell they are.

“I have never seen a condition that cannot be improved ...”

Having travelled and spoken at hundreds of events to thousands of people, led me to create the documentary-film No Reason For Disease to reach a bigger audience. Waking thousands of people up to knowing they don’t have to live with their condition and that many of us cause our own conditions, it is up to us to turn it around.

I have been fortunate to film over 150 short interviews with professionals on a wide range of health issues that can be addressed with many natural remedies. These interviews have assisted me in discovering many new positive products and treatment options that customers can benefit from.

I’ve also made 16 short quick tips and tricks on being a ‘Healthier you‘!

All of the above has assisted me in putting together what I believe to be some of the best options available to becoming healthier than most people think is possible.

There is no one-cure-fits-all fix, but there are some amazing options that I have supported over the last 25 years that offer results when everything else might have failed. With years of research and practical experience I now comfortably quote, “I have never seen a condition that cannot be improved and better still, if you can improve it why can’t you cure it?”

If every condition I looked at began in the gut, then it was time to put it into action. My focus on the gut is the reason I am so much healthier in my 70s than when I was in my 50s. Now I look at everything that I eat and judge the outcome of how I feel from that intake.

Our gut sends out warnings when we consume something that will not benefit us, such as indigestion, wind and bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and in extreme cases, stomach cramps, vomiting and dizziness. Not taking notice of our gut over long periods of time results in an early death. That is a good reason to always furnish the gut with clean, organic produce and clean water. Then it can replicate healthier cells and in doing so we become more vital.

On my journey I used numerous products and treatments and my health improved marginally, but it was only when I found Probiotic foods that everything changed. For over 25 years I have witnessed so many positive results from the foods that I now have the understanding and knowledge that there are no conditions that cannot be improved.

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Now in my 70s—with a best-selling book, documentary film, hundreds of events and a comprehensive product range behind me—I can still work a long day without tiring, race go karts, work on my seven acre property, play golf and ski when I can. The most impressive thing I have been able to achieve is going from having no memory, to now remembering phone numbers and retaining a mental capacity of people much younger than myself.

I once had a mentor say to me, “They said it couldn’t be done, so I went ahead and did it anyway.” That saying gave me the power to repair my body when others were telling me I had no hope.

Don Chisholm
The Gut Man