Breathe your way to better health

Created by Whitney Geoghegan

Induce your ‘Rest & Digest’

Do you take note of your emotional responses? Those physical reactions in the body when stressed… your heart beats faster, & breathing becomes more rapid & shallow. You also release more glucose into your bloodstream and may feel a knot in your stomach. This is your body moving away from its state of ‘rest-and-digest’ & getting ready for ‘fight or flight.’

Being more intentional with your posture & breathing can massively help induce a ‘rest & digest’ state

Gut brain connection…

Stress is communicated to the gut via bidirectional nerve pathways connected with the brain. This function takes place without any thought, such as the heart beating or the digestion of food.
When we are in a ‘fight-or-flight’ response, the blood moves from the gut to the larger muscles to prepare for action to avoid a threatening situation. This interferes with your digestion & therefore, your capability to receive nutrients from food. If you cannot absorb nutrients from food, this will have a detrimental effect on the way your whole body functions. It can weaken the immune system and increase inflammation in the body, causing disease.

How breathing helps reduce stress…

Do you notice how you are breathing? Chest breathing tends to be shallow. With each breath, there is a rise and fall of the shoulders, and only the chest expands. Less oxygen enters the blood, which affects digestion. There tends to be an increase in your heart rate and a tensing of muscles. It’s usually how we breathe when stressed, anxious, or in pain. Unfortunately, you will find most people have adapted their relaxed breathing to this technique without realising it.
The other type of breathing – abdominal or diaphragmatic–is how to turn off this automatic stress response. It’s one of the most effective ways to reduce muscle tension, calm the mind, and stop the fight-or-flight response in its tracks.
It has been proven that deep breathing techniques could bring about better focus, a more positive outlook, and a better ability to manage destructive impulses.
You should practice deep breathing techniques every day, even more so when stress arises, so that you are ready to handle it with calm and ease
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Whitney & Sam x
O Breathwork Facilitators



Whitney is a completely multifaceted soul, who loves to rebel against societies rules, embrace her freedom and follow her wild dreams.

She is a Muay Thai loving, Ice cream eating humanitarian who holds a fire in her heart that drives her life work of helping guide others on their journey towards self-love and self-empowerment.

Whitney’s purpose of helping other women has stemmed from her own lived experiences and journey with eating disorders, body image issues, depression, domestic violence and the loss of her father as a child.

In her own search for personal transformation and healing she utilised multiple alternative therapies but found nothing as profound or powerful as breathwork.

Whitney’s, primary focus is helping support the healing of women through online mentoring and the medicine of Frequency Specific Breathwork.

This is an ancient and extremely powerful breathwork practice that combines colour, sound + breath to assist the body in releasing trapped emotions, recalibration of the nervous system, cellular + ancestral healing and accessing higher states of consciousness.

Whitney has had the honor of working with over five hundred women through hosting Retreats, Facilitating self-love Workshops, Holding Women’s Circles, Hosting Online workshops, Facilitating Online and In person Breathwork.

She is confident in her mission to continue creating a ripple effect around the world so that women everywhere no matter what age, have the opportunity to love, accept and embrace all of who they are and live a life of their desires.