Healing your relationship with food

It may seem a crazy question but why do we eat? And what is our relationship with food?

Obviously we eat because we get hungry but what is the driving force behind hunger? Filling our bellies may satisfy our hunger, but do we ever consider the importance and the value of the content of food?

We know junk food is not good for us, puts on weight and isa leading cause of many diseases, yes it is less expensive so why go to the trouble and cost of a healthier diet?

Food is the only way that we can get nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to feed our cells. Our cells need these nutrients from the food in order to thrive and survive! Every cell in our body requires a variety of these essential nutrients in order to survive. When our cells don’t receive these nutrients they suffer and then so do we.

But for some perhaps this message gets lost with all the marketing that goes into selling food that is not in our best interest. Foods laden with chemicals, preservatives, colours and flavourings that have little or zero value for our cells and in many cases actually damaging to our cells.

So many people today struggle with body image/weight and may spend significant time obsessing over food choices and what they did/didn’t eat. Whilst the choice of food matters when it comes to getting nutrients from the foods, sometimes we have to be made aware of what is really good food because if we are eating foods with no nutritional content then what are we eating?

We also need to consider our relationship with food. Are we eating just to fill our bellies, because of flavour of our favourite dish, comfort food because we are having a lousy day or because its lunch time and that’s what we do? If this is the case then where was the consideration of feeding our cells to keep them healthy.


“Everything outside of us is a reflection of our internal state”
Melisssa Ambrosini


We love this statement above even though it may seem blunt, but what it really means is that the health of you on the inside (think your gut/digestive system) can be a reflection on the outside. Once we heal ourselves within (heal the gut) then everything on the exterior (skin, bright eyes and hair) will look younger and healthier. Not only will you look and feel better you will find you have more energy and better retention.


Our emotions can be governed by the foods we eat

You know those days where you start off with a good breakfast, of how you just function better right up until the time you eat some rubbish. You feel great and then some poor food gets added which makes us feel a little flat.

Our emotions and our eating habits can closely be connected. Have we conditioned our brains to see food as a form of medicine or just something we do for pleasure? For example, when we are feeling down we reach for comfort food, usually in the form of sugar! The alternative is to opt for foods that make your body and mind feel nourished, rather than inflamed.

Eat with positive intent to love and nurture your body from within. Science is now proving that eating with positive intent has a far greater healing effect than eating in anger or frustration. Negative feelings can be detrimental to even the healthiest of lifestyles and result in some not so happy cells that are lacking their much-needed nutrients.

What we need a little more of is love! Eat out of love, not fear, not habit, not anger, not frustration but simply eat to nourish your cells to keep you healthy and strong. They will love you for it!