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7 Signs Your Pet Needs Probiotics

Like humans, your pets need nutrition that is not found in processed foods. Natures provides us with an example for this, take the lion for example, what is the diet of a lion? Most of us would say meat. But lions don’t eat carnivores, they eat herbivores. The first thing they do is eat is the gut that contains pre-digested grasses and bacteria (probiotics). Herbivores eat grass and their digestive system breaks down their food to extract the nutrients. The digestion process has been completed by the time the lion eats the gut, therefore, the lion is eating pre-digested food (probiotics), as nature intended. Continue reading for the signs your pet needs probiotics.

Many processed pet foods from the supermarket are nutrient deficient, contain antibiotics, GMO foods, preservatives or fillers, all of which deplete your pet’s good bacteria and compromise their gut. So with the lion reference in mind, how can we ensure that our much-loved pets’ digestive system is healthy, with a functioning immune system to help prevent future illness and absorb the much need nutrients from food? Read the signs!

7 Signs Your Pet Needs Probiotics
1. Inconsistent stools, diahorea or constipation or excessively smelly
2. Seeking additional nutrients from dirt, grass, sticks etc
3. Showing signs of stress
4. Diet consists entirely of processed food
5. Lacking vitality and energy
6. Skin allergies or dull coat
7. Your pet is on or has been on antibiotics

Probiotic Foods For Pets provides your animals with a balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in an absorbable form. All broken down by a super-culture of probiotics.

Certified Organic Probiotic Foods for Pets
The specially selected foods on the label are fed to our super-culture of probiotics that break down the food for up to three weeks. The end result is a highly nutritious food product that is easily absorbed. You can give your pet Probiotic Foods for Pets daily, knowing with confidence they are made without artificial flavours or colours, dairy, preservatives, sweeteners, or GMOs. Certified Organic and made with gluten free foods.

Whole Wheat, Rolled Oats, Pearl Barley, Rye Grain B.D. Rice, Linseed, Maize, Mung Beans, Soya Beans, Whole Millet, Alfalfa Seed, Buckwheat, Spirulina, Sweet Potato, Alfalfa Grass, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Brown Linseed, Adzuki Beans, Quinoa, Calcium, Kelp, Glucosamine, Agave, Shark Cartilage, Molasses, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus, Delbreukii (Caseii, Bulgaricus, Causasicus, Fermenti, Plantarum, Brevis, Helveticus, Leichmanni, Lactis.), Bifidabacterium Bifidum Saccharomyces Boulardii Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.

The above foods have been through a natural organic fermentation process using organic bacteria.

  • NO GMO

How much and how often do they need?
Sprinkle onto their morning food daily, they will love the taste! First time users start with 1/4 teaspoon and gradually increase to the recommended amount. Small Pet ½level tsp 1-2 g Medium Pet 1 level tsp 2-3 g Large Pet 1 heaped tsp 5-6 g.
How can I tell if it’s working?
Many pet owners notice a better quality stool, the litter tray is less smelly, and the coats of their pets are more shiny. Watch and see the difference in your pet after they start taking the nutritional probiotics.
What animals are they suitable for?
Probiotic Foods are suitable for any living creature! From dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish, farm animals, Tasmanian devils or reptiles. Every living thing needs probiotics to survive—no human or animal can survive without a gut full of healthy probiotics. Most diseases can be related to a compromised gut, therefore it is vital our much-loved family members are receiving nutrition.
Can humans take Probiotic Foods for Pets?
Yes, safe for human consumption!


“All six of our pets are having profound changes with Probiotic Foods for Pets. They have regained weight (or lost it!), healthier coats, stools and temperament. Amazing results in two months!”

Michelle, McLachlan’s In Home Pet Care, QLD


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