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Hemp+ & Hemptation

Have you tried our new Hemptation Balls ? (which includes our Fermented Hemp+ blend) Fermented Hemp+ blend is a selection of 100% certified organic gluten free wholefoods. A vegan superfood, it contains bioavailable amino…

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Fermented Hemp Plus



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The Story of Baby Sage

A mother’s journey in search of answers “I will start by saying this probiotic saved my daughter’s life. “That might sound like an exaggeration but let me tell…

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Raw Chocolate with Probiotic Foods



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New! Probiotic Raw Chocolate

You can sprinkle Probiotic Foods on your meals, on top of a smoothie or add it to your favourite recipe. But, next level … now you can get…

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Fermented Hemp



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Fermented Hemp+

The hemp leaf has long been a symbol of anarchy, prohibition, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. But now, thanks to the legislation passed in Australia late 2017,…

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