All Things In Moderation? Maybe not…

See if you can you pick from the below story why moderation doesn’t work in our modern society. What can an average day look like to someone who believes that ‘all things in moderation’ is okay.
Start the day with a bowl of sugary cereal or what about some toast with sugary jam instead? Don’t forget your morning coffee with cow’s milk* (*not meant for human consumption) What about your lunchtime options on the go – sandwich or pie? Maybe an afternoon snack of chocolate or a sugary drink? After a long hard day can’t be bothered to cook a meal, just microwave a frozen dinner and have a glass (bottle) of wine.
No nutrition was consumed all day. No water was drunk just a cocktail of chemicals. No exercise occurred.What can an average day look like to someone who accepts the ‘all things in moderation’ saying?
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