Bio-fermented Turmeric Probiotic Foods



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NEW! Time for Bio-fermented Turmeric

From golden lattes to high strength capsules, spice mixes and drinks, this bright yellow spice has become a pantry essential in Australian kitchens. It is not surprising given…

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Probiotic Foods for Sports Performance



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Probiotics for Sports Performance

As the Gold Coast returns to normal after the Commonwealth Games, we wonder how many of the 6500 athletes from over 70 nations take probiotics as part of their…

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Probiotic Foods Gut Myths



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8 Probiotic Myths Busted!

Have you spoken to anyone lately who poo poos probiotics? Heard in the media that probiotics are a waste of money? Let’s clarify some of the cloudy, confounding…

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Probiotics for better sexual health



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Sex, Love and Probiotics

Lovers planning a romantic evening, relax and rejoice. There are some healthy, natural options instead of antibiotics for unwanted side effects from your intimate moments. Valentine’s Cystitis, or…

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