Ry and Ru

Both of us have become obsessed with Breathwork and Meditation and the science behind them but why and what led us here? Different life experiences and dare I say it the essence of the beginning was from near death! Two country kids who had completely different goals have ended up together with the same passion and drive to change the world!

Ryan was a classic lad who let suppressed emotion and pain override to the point of illness and panic attacks, Ru coming to a realisation after chasing a dream for 22 years and a long road of injury and illness ending in an induced coma, he knew something needed to change!

Since we both started incorporating Breathwork and Meditation into our lives everything has changed, we now use the Breath to alter out state instantly giving us clarity and direction from our own intuition.

We have both guided thousands through our Breathwork and Meditation flow that incorporates a range of wisdom and modern science from the very best in the world. Some of our feedback is profound creating quantum shifts in lives and relationships. We believe using these methods will raise your level of consciousness! When we can do this we not only can create and manifest things into reality a lot faster but we become more kind, compassionate and empathetic human beings.

Excited to be a part of your journey and for you to be a part of ours.

Let’s do this!