Ingredients for a Flu Fighting Drink with Fermented Olive Leaf Extract


Flu Fighting Good Bacteria

No-one wants to catch the flu and most can’t afford the time out from work and life to recover. As winter and the possibility of flu approaches we are bombarded by propaganda for flu vaccinations, cough syrups and lozenges.

Instead of boosting your immunity, research shows that  flu vaccines can actually lower your immune function, and their side effects can be significant. In children under 2 and the elderly—those who are claimed to be helped most by a flu shot—research shows no benefits.

So what does work if you want to combat the flu this year?

The first place to start is prevention, a strong immune system. If you often get sore throats, pick up colds or frequent infections easily, suffer from allergies, hay fever, skin rashes, feel tired all the time (TATT) or have injuries that take a long time to heal, these are some of the signs of a weak and stressed immune system.

At Probiotic Foods we believe that if your body has a strong immune system it won’t let disease causing bacteria, viruses, mould and fungus mulitply and make a comfy home in your body.

We are surrounded by a soup of good, necessary as well as bad, disease causing bacteria and viruses, in our homes, workplaces and especially in enclosed public places. The body has two surfaces to defend from invading bacteria and pesky pathogens like the flu virus. Naturally the skin, and the other deep within your body. The contents of your very guts—is actually kept outside of you for lots of reasons.

If you look at the gut—from the mouth all the way to your butt—it’s a long tube. We are basically a body with a tunnel, a passageway that goes right through the middle. What we drink and eat are never inside our body. It’s a fascinating medical fact that the gut is technically outside your body. 

It is much safer this way. The stomach, if there is enough gastric acid, can obliterate many pathogens found in food or water. Further down, the borders of your gut are under heavy patrol so that nothing makes it through the permeable barrier into the bloodstream. Tiny armies of good bacteria cling there to defend you. But if there’s war, and there are too many bad bacteria compared to the good guys, there’ll be collateral damage and you may come down with the flu, amongst other things.

So when you hear that 80% of your immunity is in the digestive system you better believe it and pay respect to the 100 trillion bacteria that are hanging out in, and on your body.

Some alternative and natural flu fighting foods

How to assist your good bacteria to hold the fort this winter:

1 Probiotics and fermented foods. Get your good bacteria from a natural, certified organic food source and feed them and you with nourishing prebiotics. Probiotic Foods’ mother culture is supercharged with multiple bacterial strains, prebiotic rich and nutrient dense, covering all bases.

2. Vitamin D. Boosting your levels with regular sunshine exposure and a supplement is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to improve your immunity and prevent acute infections like the flu. Have your Vitamin D levels tested so you know if you are low you can supplement.

3. Zinc, iron and colloidal silver. Minerals are foundational for supporting the immune system. Research shows zinc can cut down the time you have a cold by about 24 hour if taken within one day of the first symptoms.

4. Vitamin C. Antioxidants in their natural form like camu camu—an Amazonian rainforest fruit—and acerola cherry are rich in Vitamin C and can help boost the immune system.

5. Add herbs to your diet. Oregano oil and other herbs like ginger have powerful antimicrobial effects.

6. Olive Leaf Extract. Especially in fermented form is a 100% natural herbal antibacterial and antiviral product that is easily taken mixed in water.

7. Raw honey. Contains probiotics that boost immunity. The gut of bees contains a beneficial bacteria called Lactobacillus kunkeei and is transferred to humans via raw honey.

Try this ‘Flu Fighter’ drink whenever you feel you are coming down with a cold and take your spoonful of Probiotic Foods daily.

Slice fresh turmeric and ginger and place into a cup of warm (not boiling) water. Add the juice of one lemon, 15 mls of Olive Leaf Extract and 2 teaspoons of raw honey. Sip, enjoy and keep warm this winter.

Since taking Probiotic Foods twice a day I know that my overall health and wellbeing has improved, as well as my energy levels. I can’t remember the last time I had the flu or an upset stomach. I can’t work or live without them now!

~ Brooke, Qld