Harness Winter Solstice & Full Moon Energy

As the winter solstice approaches, marking the longest night and shortest day of the year, many people experience a shift in energy. Coupled with the powerful influence of the full moon, this time provides a unique opportunity to focus on improving your health and well-being. Here’s how you can harness the combined energies of the winter solstice and the full moon to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

Understanding the Winter Solstice and Full Moon Energies

The winter solstice, usually occurring around December 21st, symbolises the return of light. It’s a time of introspection, rest, and preparation for the brighter days ahead. Meanwhile, the full moon represents culmination, clarity, and heightened energy. Combining these two potent events can create a powerful synergy for personal growth and health improvement.

1. Reflect and Set Intentions

Winter Solstice: Use the solstice as a time for reflection. Consider the past year—what worked well for you, and what didn’t? Reflecting helps in understanding your needs and setting meaningful intentions for the coming year.

Full Moon: The full moon’s energy amplifies your intentions. Write down your health goals clearly, whether it’s improving your diet, exercising more, or prioritising mental health. The act of writing during a full moon ritual can be incredibly powerful.

2. Embrace Rest and Renewal

Winter Solstice: The long night of the solstice invites you to rest deeply. Prioritise sleep, as it’s crucial for your immune system and overall well-being. Create a relaxing bedtime routine—dim the lights, reduce screen time, and perhaps indulge in a warm bath with calming essential oils like lavender.

Full Moon: While the full moon can make some people feel more energetic, it’s essential to balance this with periods of rest. Engage in calming activities like meditation or gentle yoga to ground the full moon’s intense energy.

3. Nourish Your Body

Winter Solstice: This is a perfect time to adjust your diet to support your health. Incorporate warming foods like soups, stews, and teas. Root vegetables, whole grains, and spices like ginger and cinnamon can boost your immune system and keep you warm.

Full Moon: The full moon can affect your digestive system. Eating light and hydrating well can help you stay in tune with your body’s needs. Consider incorporating detoxifying foods like lemon water, green tea, and leafy greens to cleanse your system.

4. Connect with Nature

Winter Solstice: Despite the cold, spending time outdoors can be invigorating. A brisk walk in the crisp air can boost your mood and energy levels. Exposure to natural light, even in small doses, helps regulate your circadian rhythm.

Full Moon: The full moon’s light can be mesmerising. Take a moonlit walk, practice moon gazing, or simply sit outside and absorb the moon’s energy. Connecting with nature in this way can be grounding and healing.

5. Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

Winter Solstice: Meditation during the solstice can deepen your introspection and help you connect with your inner self. Focus on deep breathing exercises and mindful practices to reduce stress and enhance your mental clarity.

Full Moon: Full moon meditations can amplify your intentions. Consider a guided meditation focused on releasing what no longer serves you and embracing new beginnings. Visualisation techniques can also be powerful during this time.

6. Create Rituals and Traditions

Winter Solstice: Establish rituals that honour the transition from darkness to light. Lighting candles, creating vision boards, or engaging in gratitude practices can make this time special and meaningful.

Full Moon: Full moon rituals can be simple yet profound. Cleansing your space with sage or incense, charging crystals under the moonlight, or taking a purifying bath can help you align with the lunar energy.


The winter solstice and full moon present a unique blend of energies that, when harnessed properly, can significantly improve your health and well-being. By reflecting, resting, nourishing your body, connecting with nature, and practicing mindfulness, you can align yourself with these natural rhythms and set a solid foundation for a healthier, more balanced life. Embrace this time as an opportunity to rejuvenate and prepare for the vibrant energy of the coming year.

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