About Probiotics

Have you fallen victim to your gut problem?

Tired… ?! Sleeping all the time?
Social Anxiety…?! Don’t go out!
Skin break out’s…?! More make up!
Bloated… ?! Wear loose fitting clothes
Sugar cravings… ?! Eat that extra chocolate
Low energy… ?! Have another coffee/energy drink!
Short term memory? Who needs to remember what they did this morning anyway!Gut problems can be life draining!

Don’t accept any of the above as your new ‘normal’, without knowing it your condition is most likely because of a gut dysfunction.

We have a few options below that can help set you on the journey to better gut & all round health…


Wouldn’t it be nice to know where to start first?

Why not have a look at our hair mapping service.

This is not a mineral hair analysis it’s a complete overview of what is happening within your body and best of all it points out what you need to address first.

Hair mapping sample report

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Are you struggling to get results for your health?

Are you aware that diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to achieve good health?

Sometimes our health can’t be rebuilt using a single product. We are complex human beings and we need to feed our gut, cells and brain. The current in our cells needs to be working right and red blood cells need to carry oxygen around the body.

So, having a good source of active, viable probiotics with its own prebiotic food source is a critical piece of the puzzle.

These substances drive the body’s energy, along with positive thoughts and clean water.

Our ‘Magic Trio‘ contains…
  • Magnesium
  • Green Barley
  • Probiotic Foods blend of your choice

Our Magic trio covers the foundation of what the body requires everyday


You may even decide to do a Parasite cleanse, we recommend to do this at least once a year to keep your body running nice and smoothly! Look after your body like you would a car when you send it in for a service/oil change. Service it regularly with good nutrition and a cleanse at least once per year to keep it running in peak condition!

We are here and happy to help guide you on your journey to better health.

Hair Mapping
Magic Trio Bundle
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