IBS. What is it?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) has become very common in today’s world. To some it is considered a disease, but to me it is a lifestyle condition that changes very quickly if we simply change the way we live.

There are many reasons, but the main one has to come from a compromised gut. Researchers found that probiotic supplements were more effective than placebo, and decreased IBS symptoms including pain. Let’s face it, virtually every condition and disease begins in the gut, so if the gut is in pain it is clear that this area should be addressed first. And what are the main active ingredients the gut requires for gut health? Probiotics—because without them there is no health. So before you go reaching for all those supplements to change this or that, why not go for the very thing the gut requires to be healthy, and then let the rest sort itself out, because that is what our bodies are capable of—repairing when we have the right ingredients. And those ingredients are nutrition to the cells, a gut full of active viable probiotics and last but definitely not least hydration.

Let’s face it, virtually every condition and disease begins in the gut …


IBS has no home if you are hydrated, are getting goodness to your cells and have a full complement of gut bacteria. So eat well, supplement with Probiotic Foods, reduce sugar, gluten, alcohol and junk foods and feel just how good it is to be IBS free and full of vitality.