Myths & Poisons ☠️

The unspoken dangers in our modern world.

Our modern world has introduced us to a range of dangers that adversely affect our health. Many unhealthy products masquerade as healthy products and many of the natural foods we take for granted have been greatly depleted of nutrition. Open your mind to the fact that everything we have been led to believe may not necessarily be true. We are subject to many myths about what is good for us and what isn’t. It is time to make up our own minds about what we are going to put into our bodies. Is what we are being sold always in our best interest?

What health myths are out there? It’s time to question the following list.
☠️Health Myth #1: ‘Milk is good for you’
☠️Health Myth #2 ‘A bit of sugar can’t hurt’
☠️Health Myth #2b ‘Artificial sugar is a better choice’
☠️Health Myth #3 ‘Mobile phones are safe to use’
☠️Health Myth #4 ‘A coffee does no harm’
☠️Health Myth #5 ‘MSG can’t be that bad’
☠️Health Myth #6 ’Sun exposure is bad for you’
☠️Health Myth #7 ‘Wholegrains are good for you’
☠️Health Myth #8 ’Salt is bad for you’
☠️Health Myth #9 Mercury and amalgam fillings are safe’
☠️Health Myth #10 ’Saturated fats cause heart disease’
☠️Health Myth #11 ‘Margarine is healthier than butter’
☠️Health Myth #12 ‘Cosmetics keep me beautiful’
☠️Health Myth #13 Microwaves are safe’
☠️Health Myth #14 ‘Cholesterol is the leading cause of heart disease’
☠️Health Myth #15 ‘All fish is good for you’

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