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New! Probiotic Raw Chocolate

You can sprinkle Probiotic Foods on your meals, on top of a smoothie or add it to your favourite recipe. But, next level … now you can get your serving of probiotic goodness in raw, vegan, sugar free, chocolate! Not just any probiotic. Not just any chocolate.

An authentic certified organic, raw vegan chocolate is NO longer a guilty pleasure. With the benefits of 65% raw cacao, ½ teaspoon of Fermented Hemp+ and 12+ strains of beneficial bacteria it’s 9 squares of healing deliciousness and if this does not help you increase your serving of gut healing probiotics into your body what else will.

Introducing Mint Biotic Crisp Raw Chocolate—infused with Probiotic Foods’ Hemp+ prebiotic and probiotic. A collaboration made in heaven by Made With Raw Love. Just as the name suggests—it’s fresh, minty, crispy and enhanced with fermented, hempy goodness. Plus it’s sugar free, using certified organic erythritol and luo han guo extract to add a little sweetness.

What is ‘raw’ chocolate?
Chocolate that hasn’t been heated with the benefits of cacao kept in tact, is called raw chocolate. Raw chocolate preserves the many naturally occurring minerals like magnesium and healing plant chemicals—called phytochemicals—that can reduce cellular ageing. Resveratrol, a plant chemical found in red wine, red grapes, blueberries and abundant in dark chocolate, has been found in studies to repair and lengthen the ends of chromosomes. These ends or caps are called telomeres and they are like the caps on the end of shoelaces that get shorter with ageing.

Why Fermented Hemp+ ?
Fermented Hemp+ contains a blend of seeds and hemp protein broken down by the mother culture to release the amino acids and essential fatty acids for better absorption by the body. The alchemy of flavours and nutritional benefits, was an exciting revelation for chocolate alchemist and Nutritionist, Tahlia Mynott, one of the founders of Made With Raw Love with her partner Scott.

The Creators
Made With Raw Love use a variety of healing ingredients like, pre and probiotics, bush foods, medicinal mushrooms, and herbal tonics in their 8 varieties of chocolate and cacao elixirs to create unique flavours and health positive foods.

And just like that, all of sudden we’ve given you a reason to sneak to the fridge anytime day or night. Blame it on us—new Mint Biotic Crisp infused with Probiotic Foods’ Fermented Hemp+ has more than science backing you up. Shop now! Available here as a single 40g bar or as a 3 pack value bundle.

For more information call our Gut Help Hotline on (07) 554 66 086.

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