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Organic Baby

Late January 2015 Trish fell pregnant with her second child, she came to Probiotic Foods to start a new chapter in her life in May 2014.

She was once an accountant, now Trish is a mother of two and full of knowledge.
Trish had a 2.5 hour labour (standing up) early on October 2, 2015. Both bub and mum are healthy with no complications.

Benefits of having a stand up labour:
• Being in an upright position allows for a better flow of blood to the baby.
• Lying down on your back can lead to a reduced flow of blood to the baby.
• Compressed blood and oxygen supply can cause fetal distress, resulting in further interventions.

Watch the full story of Trish’s organic baby:

Applied wisdom:

  1. Healthy babies begin well before they are conceived. Preconception care for both prospective mothers and fathers is essential for a healthy outcome for all concerned.
  2. Pay attention to the mother’s gut flora. If a baby is born to a mother with the correct flora (e.g. no thrush or floral imbalances), they are one step ahead on the road to a healthy life and strong immune system.
  3. Both mothers and fathers need to be aware of their diets, exposure to toxins, medications and stress levels.