Overcoming lockdown blues ?

Stress affects the vitality of the human gut.

What is it about not being able to hug loved ones, meet in the park for a chat, having to wear masks being told that everyone around you is a threat to your health?
We are faced with conditions the human race has never had to endure.
Just not being out in the sunshine for a start is detrimental to our health, as we miss out on that important vitamin D, then add in having to make a choice of whether to have the jab or not.
Living in a world of promoted stress has shown to be a leading cause of anxiety and depression, which in turn has effects on our gut health and mental health.
Remember this; inflammation in the gut ends up creating inflammation in the brain. Inflammation in the brain is an underlying reason for memory loss conditions, anxiety, depression and the list goes on.
In these times with forced lockdowns, forced separation from loved ones and mandatory masks, is it any wonder we are all under stress that we didn’t have until recently.
Stress affects the gut, the gut affects the brain and under stress the body pushes out more adrenaline to protect us, but in doing so the liver has to deal with all the additional adrenaline which puts more pressure on the liver.
Have you ever heard the saying when someone is in a bad mood, “Looks like he has shit on the liver.” That goes back to the olden days to explain why someone was in a bad mood. In modern times the situation is still the same, have a dirty, overworked liver and you will most likely have a dirty attitude and bad moods.
The liver is a cleaning organ and when it is overloaded it must release some of the stored toxins and poisons to deal with the incoming toxins including adrenaline.
Those toxins once released get into the blood stream with direct access to other organs including the brain and heart. Now we are in real trouble.
It is not uncommon that when we feel down we reach for comfort foods to make us feel better; unfortunately, most comfort foods are likely to be full of sugar and other chemicals such as artificial flavours and preservatives.

How do we overcome all of this?

One way to improve your gut health is to find satisfying, nutritious food bars, that are not only good for you, but free from the toxins and chemicals found in many of the ones sold on the market today.
You can find such enjoyable snacks at I Am Grounded. Another way of overcoming the stress of lockdown is simply understanding that while under stress your body is in fight or flight mode. While in a state of fight or flight, your digestive system has shut down, because all the energy we have is diverted to saving you. For example, if you are running away from the saber-toothed tiger your digestive system is on hold until the stress is over.
So, if you are even unknowingly under stress, you are not going to get the nutrition you need from your food to keep you healthy. In turn the body enters a state of malnutrition. Obesity is a form of malnutrition. When the body is in trouble, it stores everything for an emergency. That is overridden when the body can again get nutrients to the cells from a healthy gut.
You can find easily absorbed foods at Probiotic Foods. Each blend has a variety of foods already broken down, so that nature’s natural ingredients are more likely to get to your cells where they are needed.

Bypassing the lockdown blues.

Overcome the lockdown blues by feeding yourself some enjoyment combined with easily absorbable ingredients that will assist in a healthier you. Why go without when you can have both comfort foods and products that benefit you on many levels.

Come out of the lockdowns, mandatory masks, limited close contact and whatever else we are restricted from doing, to be able to live a normal existence without it being detrimental to our health.

Yes, we may still be frustrated and let down, but if we maintain our health we will prove that all the restrictions in the world won’t take away our health or our enthusiasm.

If you are looking to read more on being healthier, especially in these times, why not get a copy of the best-selling book Have You Got The Guts To Be Really Healthy?

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