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Probiotics VS Kombucha

Is this new health fad of consuming Kombucha really as good as it is presented? We are now seeing it everywhere!From supermarkets, fuel stations and even now available in many bars and restaurants–some even add it to alcoholic beverages!The new fizzy fermented drink quickly became the next fad and Instagram worthy beverage of choice! But let’s take a look at the benefits of kombucha v’s probiotics. What are the real benefits and could your obsession with this new sparkly drink be doing your health more harm than good?

Is kombucha really healthy?
Whilst the drink became popular so did it’s claims of health related benefits. But like the abundance of ‘supplements, teas and herbal remedies’ on the market today does kombucha really stack up?

Whilst Kombucha uses the process of fermentation of tea coupled with sugar, yeast and bacteria, many brands of Kombucha on the market today seem to be loaded with a scary amount of sugar!!

Sugar and kombucha
Yes, you do need an element of sugar to start any fermentation process but the truth is not all kombucha on the market is created the same and not equal to how it was created many years ago in traditional China. Some kombucha on the market contains a whopping 20 grams of sugar per bottle!In a traditional fermentation method sugar is needed to activate the fermentation process, but the sugar should all be used up by the time the fermentation process is completed.Leaving the product virtually sugar free. Whether or not this source of activation comes from sugar, honey, molasses or fruit juice it is ultimately up to the brand. But we really have to stop and wonder about the REAL health benefits with all the crazy flavour variations on the market today compared to a traditional style Kombucha. Artificial flavours and additives are generally not in our best interest.

Plus one has to realise that kombucha comes with an alcoholic content, enough to give a non-drinker a subtle buzz from the alcohol. Alcohol compromises good gut bacteria so are any of the benefits from kombucha overridden by the damage to the good gut flora.

There are some great Kombucha’s out there on the market, that brew a low sugar content mix utilising herbs, spices and flowers rather than just dumping a whole bunch of sugar and artificial flavourings into the mix. Be sure to check the nutrient content on the label to avoid any hidden sugars and flavourings.

Kombucha and your oral health
Many statements from dentists are emerging about the excessive consumption of kombucha and the effects that it is having on your teeth and oral health. Kombucha’s acidity can be potentially problematic as this low pH drink can compromise the tooth enamel and increase the likely hood of discolouration. Dentist are already recommending that kombucha be consumed through a straw in a single setting and that our mouth is rinsed with water immediately after.

Probiotics or Kombucha for digestion?

While you may have been inundated with the statements that ‘Kombucha is great for maintaining good gut health’ but can it really do enough to sustain the health and balance of your microbiome?

Whilst any food that goes through a natural fermentation process gains probiotic value it can be beneficial to an extent for our overall gut health. However, we would recommend that kombucha not to be used as a sole source of good bacteria replenishing as the alcohol could compromise that process. We need a wide variety of probiotic strains to allow our gut to flourish. We need over 500 species and nearly 2kg of good bacteria for a healthy functioning gut to thrive!Drinks with only a single bacteria fall way short of the mark as we need varieties and combinations of good bacteria to be beneficial.How many strains are in the average Kombucha drink?Perhaps Kombucha is more that of a condiment rather than being considered as a sole source of probiotic supplementation.

In comparison to the above

Probiotics are now recognised world wide as being essential for good health and wellbeing. As more and more ‘gut health’ products come onto the market, the choice of what to choose becomes even more difficult. This is where we, at Probiotic Foods, come to the rescue with a complete package.
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