Sugar. How sweet is it?

Not much point going on and on about sugar, as most people are so addicted that no matter what the topic, there is little chance of changing an individual’s sugar consumption.

Diabetes, amputations and a host of sugar related diseases is not going to stop most people from continuing using sugar. Sugar is a way of life—it is in our breakfast cereal, we take it with tea and coffee and virtually everything on the supermarket shelf is loaded with sugar. Gluten free is where gluten is replaced with sugar and the list is endless. We have little snacks at the coffee shop that taste so good who would ever want to give up these wonderful pleasures? If the above paragraph has made you think of a sugary snack then join the queue, because virtually everyone has the modern day sweet tooth. How much comfort food leads to discomfort? We all know it’s not good for us but we still do it, and why not? It tastes so good and the discomfort it comes with is overlooked to achieve that sugar fix.

But is it you with the sugar craving or is it your candida?

But is it you with the sugar craving or is it your candida?

Sugar feeds candida and candida loves and needs more sugar, so here is the merry-go-round. Once started there is no stopping. If you can’t stop after only three squares of chocolate there is a good chance your candida is controlling your sugar craving. How? By having more. What if overcoming a sugar addiction was as simple as reducing your candida with Probiotic Foods? Is it worth a try? We challenge you to do a three month course of Probiotic Foods to see if your sugar intake is not reduced. Is your life expectancy worth this challenge? If you are open to the challenge then contact us here so we can follow your progress. Because when your sugar craving reduces, your state of health improves. So measure your success.