Sweet Beetroot & Carrot Juice

We love the morning ritual or creating a freshly blitzed juice as a chaser for our spoonful of Probiotic Foods. This juice is moderately sweet, but nicely balanced and the ginger gives it a little zing! The fun part about juicing is that you can play around with the ingredients to get the taste you love most. If you prefer your juice not as sweet, you could swap the apple for celery. And remember you can also throw in the leaves of the beetroot to add even more nutritious value. Use organic ingredients when possible of course!

Not only pretty, this delicious juice is full of nutrition. The carrot brings a creamy texture along with Vitamins A, K and beta carotene (which gives carrots the orange-ness and antioxidants). Apples contain Vitamin C and polyphenols, and the deep, rich purple colour of the beetroot means it contains lots of antioxidants, and the green leaves are high in calcium, Vitamin A, C and iron. Ginger is a great health secret, among other benefits it aids digestion, has great anti-inflammatory qualities, assists with headaches, colds and flu plus did you know its great for motion sickness?


(Serves 1, so multiply to make for more people)
• 1 small beetroot, peeled & chopped
• 1 carrot, peeled & chopped
• 1cm piece of fresh ginger, peeled
• 1 small apple of your choice, chopped


Pop all the ingredients into your juicer, or blender if you love pulp! Sprinkle at the end  and enjoy.
Best served cold, if you can wait for it to chill.

Sprinkle your favourite Probiotics Foods blend on top, or wash down your spoonful with the refreshing juice.