The Complete Parasite Kit by Probiotic Foods

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The Complete Parasite Kit™—New & Improved!

The Complete Parasite Kit™ is back in stock, ready for a New Year cleanse. We’ve taken out what you don’t need, put in what you do need, boxed it up and brought down the price. Plus we’ve included simple way for you to monitor your progress.

Parasites … ugh! Not me? Do I? Well, eight out of ten do, so that probably includes you. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself …

  • Have you travelled to the tropics, developing countries or spent time camping?
  • Do you have a cat or dog?
  • Have you ever eaten raw sushi, oysters or raw meat?
  • Have you drunk tap water?
  • Have you had food poisoning?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions or live with anyone who answers yes, it’s likely you have a parasite.

We are in denial about parasites especially the thought of worms burrowing their way into the intestinal wall. I saw my worm exit my body after 30 days on The Complete Parasite Kit™ and after a recent colonic hydrotherapy session. It works, and here’s how …

The Complete Parasite Kit™ is a gentle three step approach to address the possible cause of many unresolved health issues.

The Complete Parasite Kit™ by Probiotic Foods
The Complete Parasite Kit™

“4 weeks after starting The Complete Parasite Kit™, rashes and constipation cleared, brain fog lifted and energy returned.”
Shahnee—Colonic Hydrotherapist working with a client in Canberra.

Watch a short video about how the Kit works here


Step 1: Flush out parasites with Parastart (stop taking Probiotic Foods)
Many parasites, including worms, burrow their way into the intestinal wall, into the biofilm that coats the intestines. The plant-based fibres in Parastart™ gently sweep away this biofilm and the home of many parasites. Take a moment to complete the provided Self-Check Questionnaire for Day 1 here.

Dietary Choices

Improve the effectiveness of your cleanse by depriving parasites of their food. Cutting back on sugar, fruit juices, dried fruit, processed carbs and alcohol helps to starve the blighters out of their hidey holes looking for food. That’s why it is not a good idea to keep taking Probiotic Foods if you suspect a parasite.


A course of colonics whilst on The Complete Parasite Kit™ offers deep cleansing of the colon. It gave me valuable feedback and motivation that I was in fact expelling parasites. Colonics are a wonderful way to reset the gut and digestion, and gradually work into deeper levels of toxicity that accumulate over time.

Step 2: Clean up the die off with Paraflush™
Make sure any toxins and dead parasites are excreted from your body. These die off symptoms can make you feel very unwell. They can be cleaned up and moved out with a blend of diatomaceous earth, MSM and olive leaf extract in Paraflush™. Now is a good time to repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria especially if you have had a colonic. Start taking Probiotic Foods to introduce nutrient dense, pre and probiotic rich foods back into your diet. Mix with Parastart™ in the morning. Take a moment to complete the provided Self-Check Questionnaire for Day 30 here.

Step 3: Zap parasites with a liquid herbal parasite blend, Paraclean™
A liquid, alcohol free, powerful antiparasitic blend of herbs that can target any of the three stages of parasites—egg, larvae and adult worm stage.

After 60 days, the program is complete. Congratulations! You can still continue with the Parastart™ in the morning as a bowel regulator for a little longer if you wish. Take a moment to complete the provided Self-Check Questionnaire for Day 60 and then again for Day 90 here, so you can see the longer term benefits.

Every year, do a colon cleanse to keep you on the path to parasite-free living and consider a course of colonics to kick start your cleanse.

Call us on (07) 5546 6086 or email here for more information on the program or for recommendations for a colonic hydrotherapist in your area.