Hair Mapping

What is Epigenetic Hair Analysis?

Epigenetics refers to changes in gene expression or cellular phenotype that do not involve alterations to the underlying DNA sequence.

Epigenetic modifications can be influenced by various factors, including environmental factors, lifestyle, and age. These modifications can play a role in various biological processes, including development and disease. Your hair holds the answer…

Everybody today has a condition they prefer not to have. What’s yours?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what it is that’s causing you to feel the way you do?

For example;

  • are you tired?
  • tired all the time?
  • snappier than you used to be?
  • more emotional than you used to be?
  • short term memory?
  • wind/bloating?
  • poor bowel movement?
  • last but not least, do you have a sugar crazing?

Imagine improving the above by simply knowing the underlying cause.

You are not born with these conditions that manifest over time without you even knowing it.

Could your conditions be caused by 

  • parasites
  • heavy metals
  • radiation/EMF (mobile phones, laptops etc)
  • food intolerances

Find out if any of the above are having an affect on your health by simply clicking here for a hair screening.


Why a hair screening?

Hair Screening assists in taking the guess work out of what to do next

For example you may go on a parasite and liver cleanse when all the time your primary reason for not being healthy could be heavy metals or even radiation.

Save time and money by addressing what needs to be addressed first. 

How does it work?

Once you have signed up for a hair screening we will send to you by post, your personal hair screening kit. Which includes;

  • frequency proof black envelope 
  • comprehensive questionnaire

Once you have  placed your hair in the frequency proof black envelope and filled out the questionnaire, simply send both of them back to us in express post. (preferably on a Monday, so you hair is fresh for testing)

When do I get my results?

Your results are available within 48 hours of us receiving your hair sample. 

What happens next?

You will receive the results and the practitioner report via email, then you can make a booking with our qualified practitioner.

Practitioner consultation

20 minute time slot is allowed for each hair screen consultation. Our practitioner will go over the report with you so you have a better understanding of how to read the report. If you need more time you can make an additional booking with the practitioner for a future date.

What is the science behind it?

The Cell Wellbeing S-Drive is a peripheral computer device, designed to digitise the epigenetic data found in the hair bulb follicle.

The gathered hair follicle is then encrypted by the S Drive program, before being securely sent to an encrypted server at the Cell Wellbeing center located in Germany. There the data is decoded, translated and scrutinised through an array of logarithms connected to an Ai processor. Then the data is returned within 15 minutes. Our S-Drive program then automatically unpacks the data and creates the personalised PDF report for the client.

A 90 day optimised food plan is also part of the report which clients have found very easy to follow.

click here for a hair screening

We have 3 different types of Hair Screening on offer;


Vegan Immunity & Wellbeing 
Optimise your Vegan nutrition choices by understanding the epigenetic influences which will support better gene expression for your wellness.

Immunity & Wellbeing 
Optimise your Immunity & Wellbeing choices by understanding the epigenetic influences which will support better gene expression for your wellness.

Sport & Fitness
Optimise your Sport and fitness program by understanding the epigenetic influences which will promote your optimum gene expression & performance.


click here for a hair screening

We use the Cell Wellbeing hair profiler to scan your hair.

Cell wellbeing hair analysis review will be sent through to you after your hair has been processed

This is not a hair mineral analysis Australia. It is a Epigenetic Hair Scan / Epigenetic Hair Analysis / Epigenetic Hair testing.

We believe we are the only company offering Hair analysis Australia & not hair mineral analysis test kit Australia via the postal service.

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