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Where is my good bacteria hiding?

The human body is host to trillions of bacteria that are non-human and without them we cannot survive. As the host to these life-giving bacteria it is up to us to look after them so that they will look after us. But if we don’t look after them the health benefits that they offer will diminish and we will get sick, diseased and have an early death.

No living thing can exist without the presence of bacteria.

Our gut plays host to the majority of our bacteria living within us. We should have over 2kg of good bacteria in our gut alone for a healthy functioning immune system.Whilst every part of our body is reliant on its bacteria to be healthy.There are different species on our skin, on our eyebrows, in our mouth in fact we are protected all over our body by our ecosystem.

These bacteria living within us are the basis of not only our digestive system but are they makeup our immune system, of which 80% is in the gut. This is why it is so important to ensure we have a balanced ecosystem with our vital good bacteria to protect us. Without these good bacteria our body would not function at its optimum level and processes such as breaking down our food and absorbing nutrients would be compromised. If we are lacking nutrient absorption and not getting these essential nutrients to our cells, disease is inevitable.

The loss of good bacteria is playing a leading role in so many people’s health around the world and yet science is now only beginning to recognise the importance of bacteria in our health.

Our good bacteria is compromised daily as we come into contact with toxins, chemicals, fluoride, pesticides and other environmental factors. With the thousands of bacteria we are host to you have to ask yourself, what real benefit are the supplements on the market with only 1 or 2 strains of good bacteria, when we actually need a variety to be of real benefit. We need to be in contact with a host of variety’s to make a real difference and the best way to do this is through organic or fermented foods. Look for products that contain a wide variety of bacteria and in particular where the bacteria have been used to break down organic whole foods that will act as a prebiotic.Products such as this gives us the released nutrients from the foods which in turn feed our cells as well as replenishing the good bacteria.

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The more we understand about the value of our good bacteria the better we will understand how to improve our health.