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Why do we need probiotics?

No living thing can survive without probiotics. No plant, no animal and especially no human.

Probiotics are our immune system, of which 80% is found in the gut. They assist in breaking down food and each individual bacteria (probiotic) plays a different role in our body. When they are compromised, our bodies suffer in many different ways. For example, we know Autistic children lack the bacteria plantarum and as soon it is introduced the mothers of those children notice the difference. The Huffington Post has put together an infographic on the links between various conditions and bacteria, see it here.

Where do the probiotics come from?

Before we are born we have no bacteria. Our original bacteria comes from our mother’s birth canal and from her mother’s milk. Without this we would become ill and in today’s world our children are sicker than they have ever been in recorded history. We have reached a stage where parents are now having to bury their children at ever-increasing rates.

What is a healthy gut?

A healthy gut comprises over 500 species and around 1 ½ kilos of good bacteria. If your gut has its full complement of good bacteria, there is far less chance of you being sick. But every day we kill them off with environmental and lifestyle factors such as chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, processed and GMO foods, alcohol, cigarettes, stress, pollution and worst of all pharmaceuticals and antibiotics.

What happens when we kill our bacteria?

First of all we become more prone to disease with a weakened immune system. Without enough good bacteria we lose the ability to absorb our food—therefore our cells are not getting the nutrients from the food, simply because there is not enough good bacteria to break it down for the vitamins, minerals, omegas, antioxidants etcetera to be released. All of that goodness just passes through. We may feel full, but our cells aren’t, they are starving for the nutrition that just went down the toilet.

What can we do about it?

Replace your gut bacteria on a regular basis and better still, chose one that also comes with fermented food, so you not only get the good bacteria, but the nutrients vitamins and minerals from the foods in an absorbable format.

Why do we need probiotics?

By maintaining a healthy gut daily, we are getting nutrients to our cells and boosting our immune system—taking steps towards greater health. We love talking gut health! If we can answer any questions for you, please phone us on  +61 7 554 66 086 or email us.

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