About Probiotics

Why gut health is so important to the happiness of our bellies

Overall health is mostly reliant on good gut health. It is impossible to be healthy without being hydrated and having good gut health. In fact 80% of our immune system is in the gut alone! Our immune system is our first line of defence against any nasties our body may encounter. In today’s modern day world our good bacteria is compromised daily which in turn impacts the balance of our microbiome (our bellies good bacteria flora) that is why it is so important to recognise our gut health as a crucial part of our overall health.

Often referred to as ‘good bacteria’, probiotics are live bacteria, essential to both your gut and your wellbeing. Ongoing medical studies are now finding that many if not most conditions are the result of compromised gut bacteria, so let’s take a look at the fascinating ecosystem  within us and how we can nurture ourselves from within.

Why are probiotics so essential?

Probiotics assist in breaking down your food so as to absorb the nutrients your body needs. The basics of a healthy body is as simple as being hydrated, with a healthy digestive system that can break down food and a gut full of healthy viable probiotics. Probiotics assist by replenishing the gut with the essential good bacteria, allowing us to absorb the nutrients from the food we eat. It is these vitamins and minerals from food that repair our cells and help prevent future illness.

Strengthen the immune system by starting with our gut. Our gut contains 10 times more health-determining bacteria than the rest of our body—looking after your immune system is looking after your gut and vice versa.

Reduce unwanted digestive symptoms by replenishing your good gut bacteria. Did you know many unwanted digestive symptoms including wind, gas, bloating etc, can be linked to an un balanced belly? Yep that’s right, by slowly introducing good bacteria back to the gut can reduce these symptoms to keep us feeling much more well balanced within.

We recommend introducing probiotics to be a regular part of your everyday health regime. The longer you use them, the better the results.

What impacts our good gut bacteria?
The loss of bacteria is playing a leading role in the deterioration of human health around the world. The more bacteria we kill, the higher the chance we have of developing health issues/disease.

Daily we compromise our life giving, good bacteria through such things:

  • Chemicals, such as chlorine and fluoride
  • Toxic and processed foods
  • GMO
  • pesticides and herbicides
  • Medications, eg. antibiotics, birth control pills and anti-inflammatories
  • Anti-bacterial ingredients in our personal care products
  • Pollution
  • Stress
  • Alcohol and cigarettes
As host to all our good bacteria it is our responsibility to ensure we have enough good bacteria to allow our health to flourish. In times gone by we would have got most of our good bacteria from our diet and our lifestyle. BUT, this is not the case in todays world with all the food additives and chemicals we come in contact with everyday that compromise a healthy gut.

Is it that happy people are healthy?
Or could it be…

Healthy people are happy?

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