12 Healthy Gut Habits of Christmas

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12 Healthy Gut Habits of Christmas

You’ve worked hard all year on your healthy gut habits and happiness. So with Christmas around the corner now is the time to think ahead to ensure you don’t lose your way and create too much hard work for yourself in the New Year.

A little gut care goes a long way! If you’re looking for encouragement, and inspiration to maintain your great work on your health this year, we’ve put together a simple checklist of 12 Healthy Gut Habits of Christmas. Let these be a reminder of how you can deliver the best present EVER to your vital organ this Christmas.

Healthy Gut Habits

1. Drink clean filtered water. Keeps the body hydrated and poop soft and goes a long way to keep everything moving inside. Quality counts though—don’t add unnecessary nasties for your body to deal with, from compromised sources. Your body will use better quality water more efficiently and productively.

2. Bump up fibre. Goodness inside leafy greens feed your good bacteria so they can hold their own against the bad guys in your gut. Swapping the sandwich for a salad is a great start. And include foods like nuts, seeds or legumes to give yourself the satiety required!

3. Cut sugar and processed carbs. Simple, bad feeds the bad. Processed, sugary foods can not only lead to a bad bacteria overgrowth but can cause inflammation inside your gut and potential for other severe conditions. Easier said than done this time of the year. But a good starting point is that home baked goods generally have less ‘unknowns’ and you have the option of cutting back on the sugars or replacing the refined flour. Here’s an alternative Pavlova recipe, refined sugar and dairy free!

4. Limit caffeine. (Whaaat?) Caffeine and tannins both increase stomach acid which can make your gut unhappy. Multiply that by how many cups you have in one day … Considering all the amazing caffeine free alternatives out there it might be time to cut down on your daily quota and try a herbal or fruit tea, or a coloured, nutritious, latte!

5. Reduce stress. Topical for this time of year. As magical and fun that the festive season is, the lead up is often stressful with shopping, preparing our homes, deadlines for work and exponential hustle and bustle. But stress is a huge enemy to the good bacteria inside your gut and without them the bad bacteria could take over, leaving the door open for illness and fatigue. This season try and share the responsibility with family and friends, try some online shopping or review your list and cut it back. Take time out for yourself breathe and just be, in nature or a chilled out quiet space. This Healthy Gut Habit is key.

6. Keep moving! Stimulating your bodily systems to get the oxygen flowing and the toxins draining, plus the release of the happiness endorphins for your brain and gut. Science is also discovering that exercise will help to improve the balance of good versus bad bacteria. If the rush of the festive season is becoming too much, do a few star jumps or crazy dance moves to get your blood moving again and those happy hormones into production. And make sure you include all the family favourite games and sports this Christmas Day!

7. Probiotic Liquids for extra support. Bio-Fermented Turmeric is a 100% natural, probiotic liquid. The main active ingredient in turmeric is cur cumin, which has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a strong antioxidant. Provides support when you have inflammation in the gut, joints, skin or other areas. Plus this golden elixir contains prebiotics and probiotics, 8 strains of beneficial bacteria for easy absorption into the body.

8. Sleep well. Sleep deprivation can affect your gut health more than you know. Recent studies have shown that two nights in a row of poor sleep does actually deplete your beneficial bacteria. So rest up!

9. Drink less (if possible). If the festive toasts and cheers are engulfing you there are plenty of ways to limit your intake. Consider lower alcohol options, opt for drinks without the sugary mixers or even create your own mocktails. Plan some events and catch ups with games and other forms of entertainment. Fun activities will distract! Good news though, Probiotic Foods can survive alcohol.

10. A healthy mind. Practice gratitude and meditation. Try some simple starter exercises here.

11. Simplify. Your overall mantra for the season could be less is more. Keep it all in moderation—food, drink, chores, promises to yourself and others. Add time and space for just being.

12. Eat your Probiotic Foods! Science is really only just beginning to discover the full potential of your gut bacteria. Studies show that beneficial bacteria helps you absorb vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, boosts immunity, assists weight loss, reduces sugar cravings, assist digestive issues and IBS and can even control your moods and temperament. Healthy Gut Habits include remembering to take your Probiotic Foods! Consider a gift with real positive intent this year or shop our Holiday Family Value Bundle here.

Above all though … don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss a couple of opportunities of these Healthy Gut Habits. It is the season for relaxing, family and love.

Wishing you a Merry and Gut Healthy Christmas! We’d love to hear about your healthy gut habits, we welcome you to chat with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Probiotic Foods Healthy Gut Habits of Christmas

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