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99 problems & Magnesium solves 98 of them!

“Every condition I ever studied lacked Magnesium.
This is why I recommend Magnesium as a part of any resume you go on.”
Don Chisholm (the GUT man)

It’s estimated that around 80% of people are deficient in this crucial mineral, so we just had to add Magnesium to our range.

If you are deficient in Magnesium, symptoms include anxiety, constipation, an inability to sleep, tension, muscle cramps, fatigue, PMS and much more.

It has been stated that Magnesium reduces PMS symptoms such as bloating, mood swings, anxiety, and cramping so dramatically that some scientists believe that magnesium deficiency is a large driver for PMS.

Taking Magnesium daily may improve sleep quality. It plays an important role in your nervous system, helping to activate mechanisms that quiet & calm you. It may also help relieve anxiety and depression, which can interfere with sleep too!
Magnesium is necessary for:Hormone balanceTemperature regulationsTransmission of nerve pulsesFormation of bones and teethLiver detox & estrogen metabolismMagnesium benefits areReduces stressBetter sleepStronger bonesImproves circulationReduces anxietyImproves focusReduces inflammationImproves heart functionRecues migraines/headaches
Unfortunately, caffeine and stress deplete this magical mineral so it’s important to include Magnesium rich foods in your diet as well as a supplement.