walk in nature to absorb beneficial bacteria



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Breathe In The Beneficial Bacteria

With good weather forecast this Easter, we’re all craving free time with family and friends, hanging out in nature and having a break from the routine of life. Perfect…

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Have You Got The Guts Audio Book

Best-selling book Have You Got The Guts To Be Really Healthy? by author and international speaker—Don Chisholm—now available as an Audio book! What does it take to be really healthy?…

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Beating the Travel Bug these Holidays

Travel to-do list … Passport … check! Beach wear … check! Hat, sunglasses, camera … check! Probiotic Foods for Everyone Capsules … triple check, check, check! Don’t forget to…

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Celebrate Children

The two greatest joys for parents are to have healthy and happy children. Forget about exam results or success at school, let’s focus on improving the health and…

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ANTIbiotic Versus PRObiotic

Rise of the Superbugs. You might have heard of Zika, Ebola and Hendra, viruses that reside in animals and spillover into humans. And now we are hearing more about…

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Probiotic Herbs Sleeping Formula

We can live without water for only three days, and food for three weeks but without sleep for eleven days. My experience with Probiotic Herbs for Sleeping, by Belinda Rennie….

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