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Why do I need both probiotics and prebiotics?

Why do I need both probiotics and prebiotics?

First of all lets understand what probiotics actually are.


Probiotics are often referred to as ‘the good bacteria’ and are live organisms. No living thing can exist without these life essential bacteria, no plant, no animal and no human. In fact our body is the host to trillions of these good bacteria! Our eco system is made up of both good and bad bacteria. Our good bacteria are essential for a healthy, functioning digestive system. It is when the balance between good and bad bacteria swings towards bad bacteria, we become ill.

If we lived in the wild and picked our food fresh from the ground, consumed fresh meat, drank pure clean water and had a pollution and stress free lifestyle then we wouldn’t need to top up our good bacteria every day, but daily our good bacteria is compromised with the following:

  • Chemicals (chlorine, fluoride etc)
  • Toxic and processed foods (GMOS, pesticides, herbicides etc)
  • Sugar, alcohol and bad fats.
  • Medications (birth control pill, antibiotics, pain relief)
  • Pollution, stress
  • Parasites
  • Mould

Once our gut becomes compromised we then lose the ability to extract the precious nutrients from the food we eat. What this means is we lose the ability to feed our cells so they stay healthy.  Without getting nutrition to our cells we can become very ill and disease is inevitable.

We should play host to over 500 species and nearly 2kg of good bacteria! These good bacteria are our immunity and defence against any nasties that try to attack our health. 80% of our immunity is in the gut alone.

Toping up our compromised bacteria with probiotics is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


We often do not hear about prebiotics as much as we hear about probiotics but they are just as important as each other to flourish and thrive in harmony together. Prebiotics are the fibres found in food that feed the good bacteria (probiotics). The prebiotics provide a protective package of essential co-factors to help bacteria survive the journey through the gut and arrive alive to support healthy intestinal flora.

Our range of probiotic foods contains both! Made in small batches with our organic mother culture and processed in our traditional fermentation process over 3-4 weeks. Every batch is unique and contains the goodness of the foods in which they are grown, and assists in ensuring the good bacteria arrive in the gut alive and in their natural state!