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Probiotic Herbs Sleeping Formula

We can live without water for only three days, and food for three weeks but without sleep for eleven days. My experience with Probiotic Herbs for Sleeping, by Belinda Rennie….

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For Women, Health

Interview with Madison Wright

Probiotic Foods ambassador, employee and amazing success story, Madison Wright was featured on the Up For A Chat show by The Wellness Couch last week. Emerging into her teens…

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For Women, Health

Healthy Bacteria for Happy Hormones

Have you ever connected gut issues—bloating, gas, indigestion, constipation or diarrhoea—with your hormones? We often hear from women with poor gut function that they also have problems with…

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For Women, Health

Why do we need probiotics?

No living thing can survive without probiotics. No plant, no animal and especially no human. Probiotics are our immune system, of which 80% is found in the gut….

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